How to get some serious air in your van.

Thanks to the Russian motherland for yet another dash cams gem.


According to LiveLeak:

"The accident occurred in the hour of the day on May 19 in Dyatkovo area
of 26 km of the road" Bryansk-Dyatkovo - the border with the Kaluga
region. "Cars" Opel Zafira »at the speed drove into oncoming traffic off
the road, crashed into a fence where the roadway and concrete stele,
and then toppled into the left ditch. regionally, the management of
traffic police suggest that the 30-year-old driver is not steering when
he lost control due to sudden rupture of the left front wheel tires.
from injuries he died on the spot. for the life of 30 - summer
passengers 'Opel' doctors are now struggling central Regional hospital
in Dyatkovo - man is in intensive care with a closed head injury, cut
wounds of the left forearm.
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